Play with Us #MuseumGames

June 30, 2020  |  12:00 am - 11:00 pm


Museums, like the Akron Art Museum, have taken our mission to serve our visitors to heart. If our patrons can’t come to us, we’ve found ways to meet them where they are. Many museums had spent untold resources on creating digital resources. We’re happy to be part of Museum Computer Network’s resource guide for online museum materials including tours and materials for kids, for example.

Museums have long served this need. In an effort to continue let people enjoy themselves with museums, we’re starting a new global initiative, #MuseumGames. On Sundays, museums around will post the clues for different puzzles on their social media platform. As the host institution, we’re offering a preview of the puzzle. We’ll post the answers on Thursdays, so check back.